EasyGui and Threads

I’ve just received a question from an easygui user that says, basically: “I’m trying to run easygui in independent threads, and it is not working. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? (code enclosed)”

Well, a short answer might be, “No. I’ve never tried to use easygui with threads”. An alternative answer might be: “Knowing Tkinter, I doubt it can be done”. But of course an even better answer would be: google tkinter and thread or threads or threading.

Which I did.

To my surprise, it is possible to use Tkinter with threads.

Here are a few of the URLs that I found, with the most promising first.







So much for threads and Tkinter. How about threads and easygui?

Well, in theory, anything that works for Tkinter in general should work for easygui in particular. But the way things work in theory and the way things really work aren’t always the same. If anyone has any experience with threads and easygui, would you be willing to share it?

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